There are numerous interviews in the recruiting process. Each stage of the interview is designed to screen all the candidates in the various areas of competency so as to establish a match for the specific profile demanded from the job. Thus a process of elimination is followed.


  • Initial Interview
  • Selection Interview
  • Final Interview


The above process is preferably drawn up by the client and SPBS. This will provide a transparent recruitment process from the beginning to the end that it is legally compliant, fair and consistent.




Initial Interview


The objective of this is to initially obtain and screen as many as possible appropriate candidates applying for the specific job that meets the minimum requirements for the position.

Functional competencies are identified and candidates who meet the minimum requirements are then selected to continue with the recruitment process. These are the skills or expertise required within a job and are generally defined by the key knowledge, ability and experience attributes required in any given job.


The successful candidate(s) will then move to the next interview phase, i.e. the selection phase and a job file is opened for each one.

Selection Interview


The objective of this is to provide the client with a (or a few) matched candidate(s) for the applicable position. Each suitable candidate is interviewed by SPBS. The 3 Step UVP is implemented at this stage to ensure a holistic match between the candidate, the company and the hiring manager.

Behavioral competencies are identified to narrow the gap between the appropriate candidates and job profile. These form part of the candidate’s personal characteristics that deem them fit for the position at hand. Depending on the position, analytical thinking, negotiation and strategic analysis could be some of the attributes required within in a certain job.

Again, only the most holistically matched competent candidate(s) will be selected. The job file(s) of the most competent candidate(s) will then be presented to the client to decide who they would want to select for final interviews.



Final Interview


The objective is for the client to successfully identify and select the most suitable person SPBS has matched for the job.

Here the drivers (as well as the skills, experience, technical understanding, job requirements, competencies, etc) are explored in greater detail by the client. These are the definitions of the type of overall requirements that a candidate should ideally have to succeed in this particular job. Because the client has a greater in depth understanding of how its company operates internally and what it can offer in terms of motivational drivers it can establish if the candidate’s personal drivers and technical skills are holistically matched with that of the company’s. Hence a suitable candidate is recruited that matches the job profile requirements.


Once the client has identified a suitable candidate, SPBS will relay this to the successful candidate by means of an official job offer provided by the client. The process of appointment by the client will then proceed.