The Client will provide the SPBS with all the necessary application forms, test papers etc. that is appropriate for the company and any other applicable forms that need to be filled out to form part of a standard job file. The job file will be completed by the Client, SPBS and by the Candidates during the whole of the recruitment process. A signed off check list will be included in the file to ensure that everything is properly done and completed to the Client`s satisfaction.



The job file consists of the following:



  • Check List
  • Official request by Client / Acceptance by SPBS
  • Specifications/Job Profile
  • Motivational and Personal Drivers Form
  • Supporting documents from Candidate
  • All Interviews
  • Correspondence
  • Approval / Decline by Client / SPBS
  • Invoice / Payment
  • Follow up service


Examples of supporting documents to be included in the file:



  • CV
  • Credit Rating
  • Police Record
  • References
  • Proof of Qualification - verified
  • Proof of Income
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Drivers License
  • ID - verification
  • Client Application Forms
  • Client Test Reports (competencies etc.)
  • Copy of Letter of Appointment
  • Record keeping on all interviews and correspondence done on the candidate by SPBS and the Client.