SPBS is a modern company with strong inherent traditional core values. With more than 20 years experience in Recruitment, Training, Coaching and Business Brokerage, SPBS understands the uncompromising value of human capital and performance.

In its continuous endeavors to take each of its services to the next level, SPBS has proudly introduced its 3 STEP UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION. This unique added value service coupled with the normal skills and profile requirements of employees, encompasses a holistic approach to each of its clients, as each client has unique demands. This differentiates SPBS from any other company.

Holistic Approach

Volumes of books have been written and various management courses are available in explaining what the ingredients of a successful company are.

A question such as “Why is one company so successful and another not” is always a hot and interesting topic posed to leaders of industry and top level managers.It boils down to one thing: No matter what elegant and sophisticated systems, methods and tools are used, one needs to ensure that the personal drivers which influences the human behavior matches the motivational drivers offered by a company or a department within the company.

By understanding each of these components and by incorporating them as a part of the company’s process, performance is greatly enhanced. SPBS applies this holistically approach which ultimately assists the client by enhancing its performance.

SPBS 3 Step Unique Value Proposition

SPBS places a large emphasis on service and follow up service.A strategic partnership is formed so that SPBS is continuously in synch with the client’s unique changing needs and demands.

The 3 Step Unique Value Proposition is applied:

STEP 1: The Profile of the Hiring Manager is identified. What management style is used? What are his / her likes and dislikes? These are but some of the factors which will have a direct bearing on the type of relationship that will be created for both the manager and his employee.

STEP 2: The Company‘s Motivational Drivers are established. What are the working conditions like, rules and regulations, competitions, training, structures, performance bonuses etc? These factors will either appeal to the employee or not.

STEP 3: The Employee’s Personal Drivers / Blockers are identified. What makes the employee happy / unhappy and motivated / unmotivated in the workplace?

Only by additionally ensuring that each of the requirements in the above steps are thoroughly considered and carefully matched, can a foundation be put in place that will give rise to a more sustainable increase in the performance of the company.

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